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10 Reasons Ayaan Hirisi Ali Disagrees With Her Devout Muslim Father

Ayaan Hirsi Ali, the 47-year- old, Somali-born, author, and former politician, is not only marked for death by fundamentalist Muslim fanatics but also is one of the most sought-after speakers by different groups within civil society. “My father, the man who is responsible for my education, taught me that Islam, quietly understood, is a religion of philosophy of peace,” said Ayaan […]


Think Again: Christianity’s Relationship To Reason

In a world where many think that there is no relationship between reason and religion in general and Christianity in particular, Kenneth R. Samples, senior research scholar at reasons.org seeks to clear up some of the misconceptions. He writes thus: Are Christians well known for their careful thinking, or does faith do damage to reason? While skeptics sometimes question whether […]