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3 Europeans Return Home After Release By Iran In Prisoner Swap

BRUSSELS/DUBAI — Three Europeans returned home Saturday, a day after being released by Iran in a prisoner swap, and Tehran said there was no reason for Europeans to be arrested if they were not “exploited” by foreign security services. The three men – two with dual Austrian-Iranian nationality and one Dane – were released Friday by Iran in return for […]


Advising On Jail Break

Burdened with legacy injustices and specific instances of miscarriages of justice-that others don’t seem to suffer a friend wrongly convicted of a heinous crime contemplates a prison break turns to you for advice. If as happened before innocence is jailed to appease fear or install it, to subdue rage or provoke it, or is randomly selected to be the face […]


Former South Africa’s President To Be Sent To Prison

File photo South Africa’s former President Jacob Zuma has been sentenced to 15 months by the highest court in the country. Mr. Zuma has been given five days to turn himself in to the police, if not, then he is set to be arrested by the police. His presidency which lasted between 2009 to 2018 was dogged by alleged corruption, […]


Biden Set To Shut Down Guantanamo Bay Prison

U.S. President Joe Biden is seeking to close the U.S. outpost military prison at Guantanamo Bay.  The prison is said to hold 40 detainees, chief among them 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheik Mohammad. The prisoners are labeled as terrorists and are accused of killing nearly 3,000 Americans. White House press secretary Jen Psaki said it was the “goal” and “intention” of […]


Federal Judge Found North Korea Guilty For Warmbier’s Death

A federal court judge has found North Korea guilty for the death of Otto Warmbier and ordered the country to pay more than 500 million dollars in damage for the death of the young University of Virginia student. Warmbier was held in North Korea’s prison for over a year on what’s reported as a trump up charge of stealing a […]


Florida Man In Mail Bomb Spree Behind Bars

The 56-year-old man who has been involved in a mail bomb spree has been arrested and is now in custody in Florida.  The mail bombing campaign was targeted primarily at democratic leaders and critics of US President Donald Trump. U.S. officials have disclosed the name of the man as Cesar Sayoc. Sayoc now faces five charges that include mailing explosives […]