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Former Rep. Joe Walsh Throws Hat Into Presidential Ring

Former Rep. Joe Walsh (R-Ill.) has announced that he would be mounting a primary challenge to President Trump. The conservative radio host unveiled his campaign on ABC’s “This Week.” “We’ve got a guy in the White House who is unfit, completely unfit to be president, and it stuns me that nobody stepped up, nobody in the Republican Party stepped up, because I’ll tell you […]


Ben Carson Says No To A U.S. Muslim President

Benjamin Solomon “Ben” Carson, Sr., the American author, retired Johns Hopkins neurosurgeon, now Republican presidential candidate in the 2016 election, speaking on NBC’s program Meet the Press, has made it absolutely clear that the United States should not elect a Muslim president. “I would not advocate that we put a Muslim in charge of this nation. I absolutely would not […]


Trump Down But Not Out

Republican candidate billionaire Donald Trump maintains his leading position in the race to win the Republican presidential nomination for 2016, albeit his support has fallen to 24 percent from 32 percent previously, a CNN/ORC poll released has shown. Trump’s performance in the latest debate on CNN was less than stellar and many pundits view that as a signal that Trump […]

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Rick Perry Pulls Out Of Presidential Race

Sixteen Republicans And Five Democrats Remain Former Texas Governor Rick Perry is the first casualty of the 2016 U.S. presidential race. Kerry’s campaign failed to pick up steam, and he struggled to make any progress against the political headwinds. His poll numbers were among the lowest, and he created little impact in the Republican presidential debate aired last month on […]