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Jamaicans Support Term Limits For Politicians

According to a recent RJRGleaner/Don Anderson poll, 77.1 percent of respondents subscribe to term limits of politicians. A further breakdown of the results of the polls shows that 54.6 percent of those interested in term limits argued that the prime minister should serve no more than two terms. At the same time, 25.8 percent would allow for a third term. […]


President Biden Maintains Slack Poll Numbers

President Biden’s disapproval rating reached a new high in December, according to a new CNBC-Change Research poll. Overall, the survey showed 56 percent of voters disapproved of Biden’s performance in office, an uptick from 54 percent in September and 49 percent in April. His approval rating now stands at 44 percent. Biden was particularly hard hit when it came to […]


New Poll Puts Trump In Play In Iowa

According to a new Des Moines Register/Selzer and Co. poll from Iowa likely voters has President Donald Trump leading Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden by a 48% to 41% margin. The average poll in Iowa has Trump up by 2 points. However, pundits have viewed this poll as an outlier as Biden is deemed the firm favorite in polling to remove President Trump from the White House. Biden […]


Biden Leads In 2020 National Polls

According to press reports, poll numbers have shown Former Vice-President leading U.S. President Donald Trump by double digits. The latest Real Clear Politics national polls show Biden ahead by 10%, sixteen days before people vote in the November 3rd election. At the moment, polls in the battleground states are in favor of Joe Biden. The polls suggest Mr. Biden has big leads […]


Americans Give President Trump Thumbs Down For Shutdown

According to a Washington Post-ABC News poll, more Americans are blaming President Donald Trump for the longest government shutdown in U.S. history. The shutdown is in its fourth week and has affected approximately 800,000 federal workers. The impasse between the President and Congressional Democrats is rooted in the funding for a border wall, which Trump promised during the 2016 campaign. […]