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Is The PNP Suffering From Myopia?

If a fix is suggested for the PNP, the assumption is that one understands the problem that needs to be corrected, at least papered over so that the party can squeak by as the winner in a soon-to-be-called election. There then is the rub. The problem, whatever the problem is, requires not so much an inconvenient solution as a necessary […]


A Political Grunt

According to a recent poll conducted by Don Anderson, most Jamaicans believe that Bunting’s challenge for leadership was good for the People’s National Party (PNP). Prior to the “events” occasioning Bunting’s challenge, I had surmised it was a “bad thing” from which no good could come even if Bunting prevailed in his leadership challenge. Consider the matter this way. The […]


Dr. Peter Phillips Calls For Minimum Wage Increase

Opposition Leader, Dr. Peter Phillips’ call for an increase in the minimum wage has met with opposition from critics. Dr. Peter Phillips had earlier indicated his party’s intention to seek an almost 60 percent increase in the national minimum wage. In his annual new year’s message, Dr. Phillips said the present national minimum wage of $7,000 for a 40-hour week […]


Phillips Laments Lack Of Inclusiveness In Jamaica’s Economy

Jamaica’s Opposition Leader Peter Phillips, in his message marking the 57th anniversary of Jamaica’s Independence, lamented the fact that the country is “yet to construct the kind of inclusive economy or achieve the rates of economic growth necessary to give all our people a good standard of living.” Below is the message of the Opposition Leader: My fellow Jamaicans, As […]


PNP — The Battle Of The Two Ps

Jamaica’s Opposition Leader and President of the People National Party (PNP) Dr. Peter Phillips is in a spot of bother. He now faces a challenge for the leadership of the party from Peter Bunting, Member of Parliament, and former Minister of National Security as well as General Secretary of the Party. Bunting’s quest to replace Dr. Phillips is not only […]


Bunting Bullish On The Role Of The MSME Sector

Peter Bunting, the Shadow Minister of Industry, Commerce, and Competitiveness, has touted the role that he foresees the Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprise (MSME) playing in Jamaica’s economy. Bunting, in his presentation in the 2018-2019 Sectoral Debate, posited that “The MSME sector has to become the catalyst for the development and inclusive growth of the private sector.” “The MSME sector […]


Ann-Marie Vaz Set To Be Sworn In As Jamaica’s Newest Member of Parliament

Ann-Marie Vaz is expected to be sworn in during this week as the Member of Parliament for Portland Eastern following her victory in the recent by-election. The final count by the Electoral Office of Jamaica (EOJ) that was completed over the past weekend has given Vaz a slightly higher margin of victory. The final count showed both Vaz and the […]


Jamaica’s Opposition Party Leader Calls For Contract Workers To Get Benefits

Dr. Peter Phillips, the People’s National Party led Opposition Leader in making his contribution to the Budget Debate recently stated that a PNP government under his watch will end contract employment as it seeks to create a more equitable society. Dr. Phillips said contract employment denies workers the rights and benefits won for them by the trade union movement. He […]


Jamaica’s Opposition Party Barking Up The Wrong Tree

I have embraced crying mothers who have lost their children because our politicians put their personal agendas before the national good. I have no patience for injustice, no tolerance for government incompetence, no sympathy for leaders who fail their citizens. — Donald Trump Jamaica’s Parliamentary Opposition People National Party (PNP) seems to be in a mad rush to wrest back […]


Jamaica’s Opposition Leader Names New Shadow Cabinet

Opposition Leader Dr. Peter Phillips has announced a new slate of spokespersons for his shadow cabinet. Below is a full list of the appointees and their portfolios. In the Office of the Leader of Opposition: Dr. Peter Phillips – Defence Anthony Hylton – Development & National Physical Planning and the National Housing Trust (NHT) Sophia Fraser Binns – Land and […]