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How To Flaunt With Your Unique Style After The 40s

Just Like aged wines, your stylish look should get better with age — in the 40s it’s time to flaunt it, not be a wallflower! Your sense of style and signature look may shave off some years from your age. You must have a sense of style, and we will not tell you to throw any of your favorite threads. […]


What Of Evil Genes And Personality Disorders

How could someone be so twisted? So evil? Whither to is that deceitful, manipulative sadistic behavior? Why do evil people act the way they do? In an attempt to answer some of the foregoing questions, Professor Barbara Oakley draws on the advances in brain imaging that have illuminated  the relationship of emotions, genetics, and the brain. Oakley looked at detailed […]


10 Personality Type At The Workplace

In every office there’s a combination of personalities that make you wonder if everyone else is seeing what you’re seeing. Chances are, everyone’s got at least one story to tell about these types. 1. Deadbeat Comes in 45 minutes late, he just came to work straight from bed, leaves before 5pm, has his staff do all the work and “works […]