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Pew Survey: Global Opinion Of China Has Deteriorated Under Xi 

WASHINGTON — As Chinese President Xi Jinping prepares to accept a precedent-breaking third term in office at a Communist Party summit in October, a new study of global public opinion trends shows how views of China in the United States and other advanced economies have declined throughout his tenure. In recent years, those declining views worsened following Beijing’s mishandling of […]


Biden — “Whatever It Takes”

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden will not tread President Trump’s path, who is dead set on keeping the economy going by any means necessary. Biden said in a report that he would do whatever was needed to keep the U.S. safe amid the coronavirus pandemic even if that meant shutting down the country. “I will be prepared to do whatever […]


Elizabeth Warren Gets Readers Bureau’s VP Pick

Speculation is rife with regards to Joe Biden’s pick for his running mate in the upcoming November 2020 general election. So far, reports have suggested that Biden’s search has entered the second round of vetting. And the narrowed list said to be circulated in some quarters is as much notable for who is in the running as much as who […]


A Political Grunt

According to a recent poll conducted by Don Anderson, most Jamaicans believe that Bunting’s challenge for leadership was good for the People’s National Party (PNP). Prior to the “events” occasioning Bunting’s challenge, I had surmised it was a “bad thing” from which no good could come even if Bunting prevailed in his leadership challenge. Consider the matter this way. The […]


Israel’s PM Claims Huge Party Win

“Huge victory!” Israel’s Prime Minister Mr. Benjamin Netanyahu tweeted after securing 72.5% of internal party leadership votes as opposed to his challenger Gideon Saar, who polled 27.5%. “Thank you Likud members for the vote of confidence, support and love. God willing and with your help, I will lead the Likud to a great victory in the upcoming elections and will […]


Is Manley’s Vision Worth Revisiting?

On this side of the pond, over the years, Democratic socialism as a political philosophy has taken a bad rap. This, of course, is partly due to political propaganda, ignorance, and a failure to think differently. The fact of the matter is Democratic Socialism is just one of the many philosophies through which governments seek to allocate resources for the […]


5 Top Caribbean Countries To Visit At Christmas!

Do you want a break from the snow and white Christmas this year? If you do and want to escape home for some Christmas fun with the family in a warm-weather destination, the Caribbean provides the perfect oasis for you! You will enjoy Christmas with a Caribbean flavor creating some lifetime memories. Here are five of the best places to […]


Republican Party Healthcare Bill Crashes And Burns

President Donald Trump negotiation skill was weighed in a balance and found wanting as his Party leaders were forced to withdraw legislation set to repeal and replace the current healthcare system popularly known as Obamacare. This was a major blow to the President as throughout his election campaign for over a year he campaigned against the existing law. Moreover, it […]