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Jewel Paradise Cove Gets Props From Oyster Hotel Review

Looking for Jewel Paradise Cove? Well, you will find it here by just asking Google — Silver Spray, Runaway Bay, St. Ann, Runaway Bay, Jamaica. The Jewel Paradise Cove is true to its name, and one would be hard pressed to find another adult-only, all-inclusive resort that offer the same value for money in Jamaica. Although not located in the […]


Love In Paradise – Part 10

The night after Sasha was shocked. She didn’t expect Bill to be at the club. After he told her about his cheating ways she avoided him as much she could. All she wanted to do was to forget about him. “Do you know him?” William asked looking a little confused. “Yes I do. He is the guy I was telling […]


Love In Paradise – Part 6

The night they shared was amazing. She knew he was a passionate type of guy, but the way he touched her was like he was trying to reach her soul. She was hooked and full of bliss. The next night was the same and so was the night after that. Everything was just perfect. They become so caught up with […]


Love In Paradise – Part 4

She slowly exited the car. The place was really dark and there wasn’t much that she could see. Fear rose up inside of her as she tried to make sense of what was happening. “Wait here.” He instructed her as he disappeared into the darkness. Filled with mixed feelings, one thought telling her to jump into the car and drive […]