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Palestine Advocates Decry MSNBC’s Cancellation Of Mehdi Hasan News Show

Channel president says change aims to put network in ‘better position’ for the 2024 US elections, The Hill reports. Washington, DC – MSNBC has canceled Mehdi Hasan’s weekend TV program, sparking anger from many Palestinian rights supporters who consider the progressive host a rare critic of Israeli policies on United States cable news. The decision, first reported by the news website Semafor on […]


Trump Plays Tit For Tat

Many analysts and former officials have argued that President Donald Trump’s threat to cut aid to the Palestinians and nuclear-armed ally Pakistan may do more harm than good in the long term.  One expert warned that such a move could drive impoverished refugees into the arms of extremists and further destabilize the Middle East. Meanwhile, the chairman of Pakistan’s Senate […]