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The World’s Fastest Woman Wins Post-Olympic Meet In Spanking Form

Photo credit: Citizen59 “I’ve wrestled with alligators / I’ve tussled with a whale / I done handcuffed lightening / and throw thunder in jail / You know I’m bad, just last week I murdered a rock / Injured a stone, hospitalized a brick / I’m so mean, I make medicine sick” — Muhammad Ali. The quote in the foregoing is […]


That Girl Shelly-Ann

Photo credit: Erik van Leeuwen Assessing Fraser-Pryce’s Shot At Winning Olympic 100 And 200 Meters Double It is said that the only thing in life that ages well is fine wine. Well, at 34 years old, Shelly-Ann Fraser is proving to be like that fine wine in the world of athletics.  In 2019, her win as a 32-year-old made her […]


Bolt Keeps Pace And Builds Meet Equity

The opening of the 39th Gibson McCook relays at the National Stadium in Kingston was not without its usual excitement and when World and Olympic gold medallist Usain Bolt graced the track in a surprise appearance “everyting tun up,” and the roar and cheers  of spectators at the stadium packed event could be heard more than a mile away. The […]