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Nobel Medicine Prize Winner Discovered The Neanderthal Genome

This year’s Nobel Prize in Medicine was awarded to a Swedish scientist for decoding the DNA of the Neanderthal, modern humans’ closest extinct relative. In a statement Monday, the Nobel Organization said Svante Paabo is being honored “for pioneering a new approach to study our evolutionary history.” The 67-year-old Swede overcame the extreme technical challenges of handling fragile, ancient DNA […]


… And The 2021 Nobel Literature Prize Goes To Abdulrazak Gurnah!

Tanzanian novelist 73-year-old Abdulrazak Gurnah has won the 2021 Nobel Prize for Literature. Born in Zanzibar in 1948, Gurnah migrated to England as a refugee in the late 1960s. He was a Professor of English and Postcolonial Literature at the University of Kent, Canterbury, until his recent retirement. Gurnah is the first black African author to have won the award […]


Economists William Nordhaus and Paul Romer Win Nobel Prize

Two researchers at American universities have been awarded the Nobel Prize for economics. Yale University’s William Nordhaus was named for integrating climate change into long-term macroeconomic analysis and New York University’s Paul Romer was awarded for factoring technological innovation into macroeconomics. They will share the 9-million-kronor ($1.01 million) prize. Nigel Belle, Readers Bureau, Fellow Edited by Jesus Chan Do you […]