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Happy New Year!

A New Year marks: New beginning New people to meet New adventures to enjoy and new memories to create. May you be surrounded by joy, peace, love, and happiness in 2022 Happy New Year from the Readers Bureau family. Readers Bureau Edited by Jesus Chan Do you want to add feedback to this story? Please add a comment in the […]


A Wonderful And Marvelous New Year

Everyone wants a Better New Year! Fair enough. And of course, if we are better (than we were), then the year will also be better. How so? We think we are the ones reacting to a strange year. I think it’s mostly the year reacting and responding to the things we do. However, it may be of no big deal […]


Hope For The New Year!

What do you say to the coming of a brand-new day When the shadows are falling away even from the eyes of yore Express it if you might as the passing of the night And the coming of light through a brand-new door How do you tell everybody everything will be well And the sound of the splitting of the […]


Happy New Year From The Readers Bureau

The management and staff of The Readers Bureau extend sincerest well-wishes to our valued readers this New Year We trust that you enjoyed our reading offerings over the past year, and we look forward to serving you even better in the New Year. Thanks for your continued support and all the best to you and your family in 2018! Readers […]


5 Must Go Places In Jamaica At Christmas

We don’t have no snow We don’t have no sleigh But fun we do have at Christmas Ja So run and come to sea and sun Its Christmas Ja So what sweet you never meet  at Christmas Ja Neville Willoughby The Island of Jamaica has over the years developed a reputation as a hub for some of the best entertainment […]



一月一日不仅是新的一年的开始,还意味着每个人的重新启航,祝愿与期待。它也被许多人认为是全新的开始,自我反思和改变的时刻。归根到底就是时间的问题,还有一个人的再认知。 有一位作家根据他的观察和身边发生的事做了以下总结: 大千世界中,万物皆有时,一切自有深意; 有诞生也有死亡的时候; 有种植也有采摘的时候,有伤害也有治疗的时候; 有坍塌也有修建的时候; 有哭泣也有欢笑的时候; 有悲伤也有起舞的时候; 有爆发也有涵纳的时候; 有拥抱也有逃避拥抱的时候; 有追求也有放弃的时候; 有保留也有舍弃的时候; 有撕裂也有缝补的时候; 有静默也有言语的时候; 有爱也有恨的时候; 有战争也有和平的时候。 人们从他们的辛劳中获得了什么?我已经看到了神将肩任留在了人间;他安排好了一切;他把人心设成了永恒。还没有人能够彻底了解上帝从一开始到最后做了什么。我知道人在活着的时候,没有什么比快乐更重要。  Readers Bureau, Contributor Do you want to add feedback to this story? Please add comment in box below. Like our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/TheReadersBureau Follow us on Twitter https://twitter.com/readersbureau21


10 Quotes To Reflect On For The New Year

Words are powerful and they can either be used to inspire or discourage an individual. Now, as we enter a New Year, we’ll do well to ponder on words that will not only inspire and encourage us, but also cause us to think differently, overcome challenges, and seize on new opportunities. Here are 10 quotes that one may find helpful […]