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NBA: A ‘Wholly-Owned Subsidiary’ Of China — Is It?

U.S. Vice-President Mike Pence has recently criticized the U.S. National Basketball Association (NBA) in a speech in which he also attacked Chinese diplomatic and trade policies. He accused both the NBA and the sports firm Nike of “kowtowing” to Beijing and “muzzling” criticism of China. Mr. Pence’s angst comes against the background of a tweet from Houston Rockets general manager […]

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NBA Star Jeremy Lin Goes Dreadlocks — Stirs Controversy

Jeremy Shu-How Lin, no stranger to stirring up a sensational conversation, has done it again, albeit this time a controversy of sort off the courts. Lin, who now plays for the Brooklyn Nets has not had a stellar start with his new team as he had suffered from a hamstring strain which has put a hiccup on his game. Now, […]


Former NBA Star Darryl Dawkins Dead At Age 58

Darryl Dawkins the former American professional basketball player, died last week of at a hospital in Allentown, Pennsylvania, according to the Lehigh County coroner’s office. Dawkins was a well-known player for the NBA’s Philadelphia 76ers and New Jersey Nets. He also played for the Detroit Pistons and Utah Jazz in the latter part of his career. Dawkins’s family released a […]


Miami Outpaced Pacers To Reach NBA Final

Pacers could not stopped the rampaging champion Miami Heat from entering their fourth consecutive NBA finals by the end of whistle on Friday. Lebron James and Chris Bosh were the key destroyers of the Indiana Pacers, each scoring 25 points respectively. In a game filled with excitement and rapturous applause, the two-time defending champion Miami heat set the court ablaze […]