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Former U.S. President Obama Shares Favorites

Former U.S. President Barack Obama is again sharing his annual lists of favorites. “This has become a fun little tradition for me, and I hope it is for you, too,” Obama noted. “This year’s list includes everything from explorations of class dynamics and relationships, to an inspired reboot of a classic graphic novel, to a portal back to one of […]


President Obama Continues Tradition Of Sharing Favorite Year-End List

President Obama, recently took to his Facebook page to share the books, music, and movies that not only held his interest but also were his favorites of 2018. The President noted, “As 2018 draws to a close, I’m continuing a favorite tradition of mine and sharing my year-end lists. It gives me a moment to pause and reflect on the […]


20 Movies That Hit The Home Run

So, you didn’t get to go to the movies while growing up and now too busy working to pay the bills; well, here’s a list of twenty movies you should see before you die: 1. Raiders of the Lost Ark 2. Lawrence of Arabia 3. The Adventures of Robin Hood 4. North by Northwest 5. The African Queen 6. The […]