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Romanian Man Returns Find Of Over US$100,000

Would you return $100,000 if you found it in a piece of second-hand furniture that you purchased? Well, that’s just what a Romanian man did after being surprised by the stash of cash tucked away in a second-hand cupboard he’d bought. Adela Stanici told The Associated Press that her husband, a construction worker, had recently bought the cupboard from a popular online […]


Are Millennials Stock Investment Shy?

Despite coming of age in the era of technology and rapid change, research has shown that millennials are not aggressive in staking an interest in the stock market. Sixty-one percent of millennials say that they are afraid of taking that first step in parting with their money in stock. This is shocking given the bull market run experienced over the […]


U.S. Move Sends Canadian Dollar Stumbling

The United States act of imposing new tariffs on softwood lumber has sent the Canadian dollar tumbling to a 14-month low. The United States said recently it will impose preliminary anti-subsidy duties averaging 20 per cent on imports of Canadian softwood lumber, escalating a long-running trade dispute between the two countries. While the currency fell, shares in Canadian lumber companies […]