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Malaysian Parliament Moves To End Mandatory Death Penalty

Bill passes lower house, now goes to the upper chamber and, if passed, would be sent to the king to be signed into law. The Dewan Rakyat, or lower house, of Malaysia’s Parliament on Monday approved legal reforms to abolish the mandatory death penalty for some offences. The Dewan Negara, or upper house, will now take up the legislation, and […]


Malaysia’s King Abdicate Throne Amidst Speculation

Malaysia’s king, Sultan Muhammad V, has unexpectedly abdicated his throne. The move is a first for a Malaysian monarch in its post-independence history. Malaysia gained its independence from the U.K. more than 60 years ago. “The National Palace informs that his majesty has resigned as the 15th king effective January 6,” a statement from the palace said on Sunday. The […]


Hit Song ‘Despacito’ Gets Malaysia Ban

Malaysia has banned hit song Despacito from state radio and TV channels. The move was announced by the government just as the runaway hit became the most streamed song of all time. The song, with its numerous sexual references and innuendos, is a turnoff for the government. Though 90 per cent of the country does not understand the lyrics, it […]


Hugging Teenagers Attract The Attention Of Muslim Authorities In Malaysia

According to a BBC report, a video of a Korean pop band embracing teenage girls in Malaysia has attracted heavy criticism and triggered a debate over the behavior of young Muslim women in the country. Amidst screaming and laughter in the background, the video shows several girls on stage giggling, clapping, and at one point one of the girls is […]