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The First Look

The error of some things should be apparent at first look or interaction, but if we can convince ourselves or be persuaded that a difference comes with a distinction such that which should have been impermissible is indeed legal, a moral imperative even, then the absolute of black and white is now relative and suddenly there is neither prohibition nor […]


Life Is Not Always A Dream

I dreamed, I slept Or maybe I dreamt that I slept. Is life such a chore That even guiltless pleasures are hampered by innocuous thoughts? After all, isn’t that what dreams are, Innocent thoughts that we remember or wished were true, Like the love that got away. Or the one that didn’t. But then again Either could be a nightmare. […]


‘Tis For Life

Poem You say “’tis for life”, and I with a smile agreed. After all, you had stepped into my world exploding it with colors, laughter, possibilities, and wonder. All the freckles and the pimples were golden in your eyes. At long last there is a sunset in which I can repose. There is a space between your words, and the […]


5 Life-Changing Books To Read This Fall

1. 33 Strategies of War – Robert Greene This book is a “guide to the subtle social game of everyday life informed by the … military principles in war.” It looks at how strategies of warfare can be used in a cut throat competitive corporate environment. The book supports the strategies with stories of leaders such as Hitler, Napoleon, Genghis Khan et […]


God, Naturalism, And The Meaning To Life

If the Christian God exists, then life has objective meaning. God possesses ultimate meaning; therefore, humans (made in His image) would be expected to derive purposeful meaning. But what if God doesn’t exist? Can meaning be created or discovered in a godless universe? Some atheist philosophers propose that while there is no meaning to life there may be meaning in […]