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Bush Conflicted About Death Penalty…

Supports legislation to ban abortion after 20 weeks and makes exceptions for the life of the mother, rape, or incest. Jeb Bush continues to struggle to command any level of presence so far in the 2016 Republican presidential nomination campaign. In a self-critique, Bush declared that he needs to find a way to “break through the clutter of all the […]


Jeb Bush Says Trump’s Ability To Handle America’s Nuclear Weapons Questionable

In a blitz of verbal barrage, Jeb Bush has openly taken the fight to Donald Trump in an interview on the CNN’s TV show State of the Union. Bush said the Republican front-runner discusses on foreign policy is like a reality show. Moreover, he said that he had little confidence in Trump’s ability to appropriately handle America’s nuclear weapons. “I […]


Jeb Bush Dismisses Donald Trump

Donald Trump, “The Donald” is still setting about kicking butts in his no bar hold media blitz interviews and election campaign. Trump’s rise in the poll has had a telling effect on the rest of the Republican presidential candidates as they have all failed to capture headline news as well as the imagination of the public, thus far. One man, […]