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Former Japan’s PM Tells China Don’t Provoke Neighbors

According to press reports, former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has urged China not to provoke its neighbors or seek territorial expansion, saying that any Chinese military adventure could be “suicidal”. Abe, who stepped down as premier last year but is still influential as head of the largest faction of the ruling Liberal Democratic Party, made the comment in a […]


Seven Events To Watch During The Upcoming Olympics

With the opening ceremony set for Friday, July 23, the Olympics will captivate the mind, heart, and time of most humans on planet Earth for the next two weeks. Caribbean sports fans will especially have their eyes peeled on the performance of the region’s best athletes. That said, here are the top seven events to watch during the Olympics from […]


Japan’s Prime Minister Throws In The Towel

Shinzō Abe, the Japanese politician who has served as Prime Minister of Japan and President of the Liberal Democratic Party since 2012, has resigned in position, blaming his ill health. He previously served as Chief Cabinet Secretary from 2005 to 2006 and as Prime Minister from 2006 to 2007. He is the longest-serving Prime Minister in Japanese history. Abe, who […]


Japan’s Economy Running Out Of Heat

Japan’s economy sees its fastest rate decline in five years at the end of 2019. The country has been hit by a sales tax rise, a major typhoon, weak global demand, and the threatening coronavirus plaguing that part of the world. Annualized gross domestic product (GDP) showed a greater decline than anticipated, a 6.3% in October-December. Analysts are also speculating […]


North Korea Is Again Fired Up

Photo credit: Darwinek North Korea continues to defy United Nations Security Council’s ban from firing ballistic missiles much to the chagrin of Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. The North had fired off 13 rounds of short- or medium-range launches since May before its latest round late last week. This move has forced Abe to once again condemn Pyongyang for its […]


Jamaica Targets Tourists From Japan And India

Jamaica is targeting Japan and India as the country continues to expand its reach into new markets. According to Tourism Minister, Edmund Bartlett, Japan represented a “very good market” for Jamaica over 20 years ago. However, many economic factors militate against the country that led to a slump in arrivals. “But the Japanese economy rebounded, and they are doing extremely […]


Nara Park In Japan

Founded in 1880, Nara Park is one of the oldest parks in Japan. As you wander the lawns and playgrounds of the park, you quickly discover what Nara Park is so famous for—the tame deer that come to visit you. The deer are associated with the nearby Kasuga Shrine. Legend has it that the thunder god, Takemikazuchi, moved to the […]


Jamaica and Japan Agreed In Principle On Tax

Jamaica–Japan began bilateral relations from as early as 1964 when both countries established diplomatic relations. It is estimated that over 300 Jamaicans are now living in Japan, while there are over 200 people of Japanese descent living in Jamaica. Both countries have recently agreed in principle on a tax convention. The convention includes provisions to clarify the scope of taxation […]


These 4 Bizarre Places Really Exist

Our world is an amazing place, full of strange things and even stranger places. Many of these places we are familiar with, such as the Bermuda Triangle where ships and planes disappear. Others, you may not have heard of and may find hard to believe exist. Here are 4 of the most bizarre locations that really exist in the entire […]


Jamaica Signs US$15-Million Energy Deal

The Government of Jamaica has signed a US$15-million loan agreement with the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) for the implementation of the Energy Management and Efficiency Program (EMEP). Minister of Finance and the Public Service, Hon. Audley Shaw explained that the sum is the second portion of a joint loan of US$30 million for the roll-out of the EMEP. “The […]