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Israel Fires Missiles At Central Syrian Town, Killing 5: Reports

Five people were killed, including a civilian, and seven were wounded in the missile attacks, state media reported. Israeli missiles have targeted central Syria, killing five people, including a civilian, and ignited fires in farmlands in the area, Syrian state media has reported. The missiles were fired at the town of Masyaf in the Hama countryside, the official news agency […]


Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Send Packing

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was ousted from office on a slim vote margin on Sunday when Israeli lawmakers voted to install a new government. Netanyahu’s 12-year run as the head of the country ended when Israel’s parliament approved a new power-sharing government. According to The New York Times, the votes showed 60-59 with one abstention, which was enough to […]


Q&A: Does the Bible Misrepresent the Domestication of Camels?

Dr. Fazale Rana, in an article on the popular website reasons.org, sought to address a question asked regarding biblical inerrancy. He writes thus: A Facebook friend named Oliver recently asked for help addressing an unusual challenge to biblical inerrancy. A skeptical friend of Oliver’s claimed that the Bible misrepresents the timing of camel domestication. He wrote, “If the Bible can’t […]