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Biden Congratulates New Israeli Government

Following the ousting of the longest serving Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu and the installation of a new government led by Naftali Bennett, the U.S. President Joe Biden has offered congratulations to new Prime Minister Naftali Bennett, Alternate Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Yair Lapid, and all the members of the new Israeli cabinet. Mr. Biden said, “On behalf […]


A Divided Congress On Israel Vs. Hamas

Since the eruption of the latest fight between Israel and Hamas and the death of over 200 people with most on the Palestinian side along with massive destruction of properties, world leaders have been appealing for a cease-fire. Meanwhile, in the U.S. there has been a divided a call on the opposite side of aisle in Congress. Senate Minority Leader […]


Israel Data Shows Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine As The Real McCoy

According to press reports, Israel’s health ministry’s latest data has shown that the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine has been ‘dramatically’ effective against coronavirus disease. The latest figures, which were compiled through Feb. 13 and compared the vaccinated and unvaccinated populations, show that the jab has been nearly 96 percent effective at preventing symptomatic COVID-19 infections two weeks after individuals receive their […]


Push Back In Sudan After Peace Agreement With Israel

“HUGE win today for the United States and for peace in the world. Sudan has agreed to a peace and normalization agreement with Israel! With the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain, that’s THREE Arab countries to have done so in only a matter of weeks. More will follow!” — was how President Trump parsed in a tweet, the agreement between […]


Palestinians Rally Against Bahrain-Israel Normalization

Palestinians in Gaza burned pictures of Israeli, American, Bahraini, and United Arab Emirates leaders on Saturday in protest against the two Gulf countries’ moves to normalise ties with Israel. Bahrain on Friday joined the UAE in agreeing to normalise relations with Israel, a move forged partly through shared fears of Iran but one that could leave the Palestinians further isolated. […]


UAE And Israel Normalizing Ties A Historical Step

August 13 was probably one of the most historic days of the decade when Israel and UAE announced that they would be normalizing ties and opening diplomatic relations with each other. The United Arab Emirates is the first gulf and third Arab country to open a diplomatic relationship with Israel. This announcement will cause a significant shift in the geopolitics […]


Israel Adds Another Arab Country To Its Side

The U.S. has assisted Benjamin Netanyahu and Prince Mohammed Al Nahyan in a brokered agreement, which President Trump dubbed “historic.” The two countries, Israel and the United Arab Emirates, are now set to normalize relations. Until now, Israel has had no diplomatic relations with Gulf Arab countries. However, a spokesman for Palestinian leader President Mahmoud Abbas said the deal amounted […]


Israel’s PM Claims Huge Party Win

“Huge victory!” Israel’s Prime Minister Mr. Benjamin Netanyahu tweeted after securing 72.5% of internal party leadership votes as opposed to his challenger Gideon Saar, who polled 27.5%. “Thank you Likud members for the vote of confidence, support and love. God willing and with your help, I will lead the Likud to a great victory in the upcoming elections and will […]


President Trump Touts First Overseas Trip As Historic

President Trump said in his weekly address that his first overseas trip will be one of historic significance for the American people.    “I will be visiting with the leaders in many different countries to strengthen our old friendships, build new partnerships, and unite the civilized world in a fight against terrorism,” noted the President.   He stated that he […]