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Jamaica — ‘Novel COVID-19 Resilient Corridor’

Jamaica is seeking new ways to do business as it resumes activities within the tourism industry come June 15. The Ministry of Tourism has established a “novel coronavirus (COVID-19 resilient corridor,” restricting the movement of visitors to the northern coast of the island. In a virtual media briefing held recently, the Minister of Tourism Edmund Bartlett said the corridor forms […]


Jamaica’s Government Set To Divest Underutilized State-Owned Assets

Prime Minister Andrew Holness has indicated that his administration is prepared to divest more underutilized state-owned assets. He noted that this move will afford the government greater leverage and space to focus more of its effort on areas such as spending on hospitals, schools, roads, national security, infrastructure, and housing, pay down debt, among other things. “The strategy of the […]


Republican Leaders No Longer Care About Deficit

It’s a foregone conclusion that the U.S. infrastructure is falling apart and is way below the standard of most developed countries. President Obama, during his time in office, appealed to the Republican leadership back then for a deal on investing in the infrastructure. However, he was rebuffed time and again on the premise that the deficit was growing too large, […]