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How Minimalism Can Improve Your Well- Being

Most of us spend our entire lives chasing a paycheck. We go to college so we can get a better job and then spend long hours late at work trying to climb that corporate ladder. The rat race can quickly lead to burn out, frustration, and even health issues. One thing it seldom leads to—enough money to be happy. The […]


Over 6,000 Students Set To Show Case Technical Skills At National Careers Week Event

More than 6,000 students will put their technical abilities on display at the 2018 National Careers Week (NCW) and Skills Competition to be held from February 17 to 23 at the National Arena. Under the theme ‘Building the Future’ by Guiding the Present, the initiative, organized by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Information in collaboration with public- and private-sector […]


China Offers Big Cash Award For Information On Foreign Spies

The Chinese government is offering people a large amount of cash to help expose and root up spies from overseas that are currently undertaking sinister activities within the country. The move is said to be one of the latest sweeping security crack downs that is presently being undertaken by President Xi Jinping’ s regime. According to media reports, Chinese citizens […]


How To Meet Customer Information Needs

Today, there is a cry not so much for more information, but information that is accurate and relevant to one’s needs. The fact is people are currently loaded and bamboozled with information of all sorts and from a multitude of different sources. A major contribution to this information explosion is technology and the Internet in particular One could argue that […]