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Chris ‘Universe Boss’ Gayle’s Cricket Record Speaks For Itself

Anything you can do I can do it better I’m the toughest (I’m the toughest) And I can do what you can’t do You’ll never try to do what I do I’m the toughest (I’m the toughest) Peter Tosh — I’m the Toughest Christopher Henry Gayle, the 41-year-old Jamaica and Windies cricketer, is not only cricket’s “universe boss” but also […]


Jamaica’s New “Eat A Food” Culture

Jamaica is said to be one of the most iconic tropical getaways in the world — thanks to its beautiful natural scenery, warm climate, laid-back culture, an elegant landscape that ranges from tropical rainforest and soaring mountains to rolling meadowland, and stunning dramatic coastlines. Moreover, the country’s scrumptious cuisine, pulsating music, and the charm and friendliness of its people make […]