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Thinking Outside The Box

An interesting aspect of defeat or poverty is to agree with a disempowering statement. The statement may be rooted in falsehood or colored by a harsh experience, but if you come to the conclusion offered by the dismal analysis, you are dead on arrival, save for a narrow or determined escape. What we have been conditioned to be in our […]


Hope For The New Year!

What do you say to the coming of a brand-new day When the shadows are falling away even from the eyes of yore Express it if you might as the passing of the night And the coming of light through a brand-new door How do you tell everybody everything will be well And the sound of the splitting of the […]

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Shai Hope — Young, Gifted And Rising Star!

Young, gifted and black We must begin to tell our young There’s a world waiting for you This is a quest that’s just begun — Bob Andy and Marcia Griffiths Shai Diego Hope is no ordinary youngster when it comes to his passion and commitment to the sports that he has come to love and play — cricket! The 23-year-old […]


The Hope That We Have

Reasons to Believe’s (RTB) mission focuses on science apologetics—demonstrating the agreement between the natural world and Christian scripture. So, it’s no surprise that our resources and interviews generally center on scientific discoveries or the book of Genesis. But, at its core, RTB’s mission is about hope. The reason we strive to help people see the connections between science and Scripture […]