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Leicester: Call For Calm After Hindu-Muslim Unrest In UK City

Hindu and Muslim community leaders in the British city call for an immediate end to ‘provocation’ after weeks of violence. Community leaders and local politicians in the British city of Leicester have called for an immediate end to “provocation and violence” after weeks of unrest that was triggered following a cricket match between India and Pakistan late last month. Leaders […]


Dispute Over Indian Mosque Stokes Tensions

NEW DELHI — A mosque in northern India adjacent to a Hindu temple has become the focal point of a religious dispute after reports that a stone shaft believed to be the symbol of a Hindu god lies on the mosque’s premises. This is the second mosque in northern India to be caught up in contentious claims. A decades-old dispute […]


Judge’s Temple Ruling Breeds Street Protest In India

Thousands of people took to the streets in India after court rulings overturned a ban on women aged 10 to 50 from setting foot inside the Sabarimala temple in Kerala state. Hindu hardliners threw stones, marched, and clashed with police as they tried to prevent women from entering the temple. At the same time, riot police fired tear gas and […]


Alleged Cow Slaughter Led To Death In India

According to press reports, two people including a police officer were killed in northern India during violent protests by over 400 villagers based on suspicions of cows’ slaughter. Inspector Subodh Kumar Singh and a 20-year-old man died after clashes erupted in a village in Uttar Pradesh state’s Bulandshahr district, when carcasses of animals, including a cow, were reportedly found on […]


Marijuana In India Gets New Look In

Marijuana has been part of the very fabric of India since the beginning of recorded history. As early as 1000 B.C. marijuana has been made into various preparations for religious purposes, healing, and much more. When India was colonized by the British Empire, the British created one of the largest studies on marijuana usage ever made. They were concerned that […]


How Christ’s Incarnation Differs From The Hindu Idea Of Avatar

In a reasoned approach, Kenneth R. Samples senior research scholar in a blog article on the popular website reasons.org, seeks to make the comparison between the God-man Jesus Christ and the Hindu Prince Krishna. He writes thus: The doctrine of the Incarnation (God became man in Jesus of Nazareth) lies at the heart of Christianity; it’s a truth-claim celebrated all […]