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10 Drugs Set For Price Negotiations

The Biden administration has announced the first 10 drugs that will be subject to Medicare price negotiations, a new policy that aims to lower the costs of prescription drugs for millions of Americans. The 10 drugs are: •  Eliquis: A blood thinner that prevents blood clots and strokes. It is one of the most expensive drugs in Medicare, costing about $10 […]


Jamaica Healthcare Cost Spiraling Into Billions Of Dollars

According to Jamaica’s Minister of Health and Wellness, Dr. Christopher Tufton, the spiraling cost of healthcare is a challenge facing Jamaica that needs to be addressed now if the country is to adequately meet the healthcare needs of its people in the future. The Minister noted that a close look at the National Health Fund (NHF) budget shows that costs […]


Jamaica — Healthcare Professionals Tested Positive For COVID-19

Minister of Health and Wellness Dr. Christopher Tufton, announced at a recent virtual press briefing that to date eight healthcare professionals have tested positive for the coronavirus (COVID-19)  “As of June 4, 455 tests have been conducted on our healthcare workers, and eight have returned positive results,” said the Minister. He also noted that 62 tests were carried out in […]


The Neoliberal Assault On Warren’s Plan To Pay For Medicare For All

Well, that was quick—and predictable. By John Atcheson Both Sanders and Warren have come up with viable plans for funding Medicare for all. The neoliberal establishment and the conservatives have been going after Sanders’ approach by raising the specter-of-middle class tax increases. Sanders seems to trust that people will understand that if the tax increase is less than what they’re […]


Elizabeth Warren Goes Big For Little People

On September 12, 1962, when President Kennedy delivered his speech before a crowd of about 40,000 people at Rice University’s Rice Stadium, he not only won many applause but also captured the spirit of the moment. He challenged the predominantly young student audience who packed the stadium back then to think big. He said, “We choose to go to the […]


Government On Healthcare For All Mission

Minister of Health and Wellness, Dr. Christopher Tufton, while speaking at the 72nd World Health Assembly in Geneva, Switzerland recently, remarked that Jamaica’s Government is on a mission to ensure that all persons have access to timely healthcare. He noted that Jamaica is committed to achieving a healthy society even though it is faced with the heavy burden of responding […]


Jamaica And India Aim For Healthcare Partnership

Jamaica and India are in the process of finalizing a memorandum of understanding (MOU) that would upgrade the quality and scope of resources in healthcare, medical education and training, and research in both countries. The agreement covers the exchange and training of medical doctors, nurses, and other health professionals. It also includes setting up of healthcare facilities as well as […]


Jamaica And Cuba Extend Eye Care Partnership

Jamaica’s Minister of Health, Dr. the Hon Christopher Tufton, and Cuba’s Ambassador to Jamaica, Her Excellency Inés Fors Fernández, recently signed an agreement to extend technical cooperation agreement between both countries. The bilateral agreement, first signed in 2009, provided for the establishment of an Ophthalmology Centre to treat Jamaican and other Caribbean nationals with eye conditions and for implementation of […]


Republican Sen. Susan Collins — A Voice Of Reason On Health Care Bill

Republican Sen. Susan Collins of Maine says the Senate health care bill would “jeopardize the very existence of our rural hospitals and our nursing homes.” Collins made the remarks while speaking with Chief White House Correspondent Jonathan Karl on the ABC’s Sunday program, This Week, Sunday. She noted that the cuts in Medicaid would deal a devastating blow to the most […]