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Happy New Year!

A New Year marks: New beginning New people to meet New adventures to enjoy and new memories to create. May you be surrounded by joy, peace, love, and happiness in 2022 Happy New Year from the Readers Bureau family. Readers Bureau Edited by Jesus Chan Do you want to add feedback to this story? Please add a comment in the […]


Finding Happiness In A Big City

The happiest people are socially connected to family, friends, colleagues, and community who provide mutual support, companionship, and social activities. Intimacy with others fulfills two basic needs- the need for social connection with others and the need for personal growth which makes us feel alive. In 2014, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention did a national survey and concluded […]


Take Better Care Of Your Feet And Make Them Happy

“You owe it to them” No other part of the body works as hard as the feet. The feet are designed to support the weight of the body and facilitate us moving around. Often they (the feet) do not get the attention and care that they deserve. No other anatomical structure can quite perform the functions of the feet. With […]