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Haiti Launches Multi-Million Dollar Humanitarian Plan

Plagued with socio-economic problems, natural disasters, and contentious politics, Haiti remains the poorest country in the western hemisphere. Angry protesters have taken to the streets recently charging soaring inflation and corruption by officials and former ministers. The demonstrators also demanded the resignation of President Jovenel Moise, who has also been accused of involvement in irregularities. In light of the protest, […]


Trump — “Not The Language Used”

President Trump in his tweet storm has denied calling places such as Africa, El Salvador, and Haiti “shitholes” during a conversation about immigration with lawmakers — despite people in the room saying “Yes, he did!” Trump’s attempt to walk back the comments came after intense criticism that his remarks were racist. In a rambling Twitter rant on Friday, Trump confusingly […]


One Legislator Resigned From Haiti’s Special Bicameral Commission

Amidst Charge of Favoritism Amid the brouhaha over the three people named to contest the post of interim head of state, one legislator has resigned from the special Bicameral Commission accusing it of siding with a particular candidate whose election “will expose the country to an unprecedented crisis.” In his letter of resignation, Carl Murat Cantave wrote his decision to […]


Three Men Vie For Haiti’s Head Of State Position

Haiti will again attempt to resolve its leadership crisis — a problem which continues to plague the country over the years. Presidential elections were held in Haiti on 25 October 2015, alongside local elections and the second round of the legislative elections. However, as no candidate received a majority of the vote in the first round, a runoff was to […]