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Round And Round We Go

Human behavior flows from three main sources: desire, emotion, and knowledge. — Plato From the hallowed halls of nascent Harvard in 1636 to the bustling corridors of LIBI in 2019, students have been voicing their dynamic opinions of the peaks and valleys of a college education with a varied (albeit blunt) academic vernacular to express themselves: “Going to college was […]


Biden Picks At Trump’s Underbelly In Commencement Speech

Former Vice President Biden took shots at President Trump’s administration and policies while addressing thousands of graduates, family members, and well-wishers at Cornell University’s Convocation ceremony on Saturday. He noted that the seed of fear and anxiety have been planted, and this has led to great uncertainty and hopelessness among the populace. Some communities, he declared, are “struggling to get […]


Notre Dame Students Staged Walk Out On Vice President Pence

Mike Pence, the 48th Vice President of the United States of America, serving under President Donald Trump was at the receiving end of students’ wrath recently. A minor group of students removed themselves from the graduation ceremony during Spence’s commencement speech. The Vice President was asked by Notre Dame to deliver the main speech at its graduation, much to the […]