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Should You Get A VPN?

If you use the internet quite a bit, you have most likely come across the subject of VPNs. And perhaps you are wondering if you need one. Do you really need a virtual private network? Well, if you use the internet a bit, the short answer is yes. But first, what is a VPN? VPN is short for “Virtual Private […]


Zoom Part Ways With Greg Tomb

Video conferencing platform Zoom has sacked its president, Greg Tomb, a former Google executive. According to the company in a regulatory filing, Mr. Tomb’s contract was abruptly terminated without cause. The businessman had taken up the role in June 2022 and had been active on earnings calls and overseeing the company’s sales. A spokesperson for Zoom said the tech firm […]


YouTube In Multibillion-Dollar Payout

YouTube, the social media platform owned by Google, has disclosed that the platform paid out over US$4 billion to artists, songwriters, and rights-holders over the last 12 months.  The company generated $19.78 billion from advertising during 2020. According to Lyor Cohen, the global head of music, the money is generated from YouTube ads, YouTube Music, and YouTube Premium subscriptions. The […]


Google Sees Profits Jump

Google owner Alphabet saw its earnings jump in the first quarter as people became a captive audience for its services in light of the pandemic. Net profit soared by 162% to a record $17.9bn in the three months to March as advertising revenue swelled by a third. It comes as the tech giant faces increased scrutiny over its power and […]


Google Brings Good News To Content Providers

According to press reports, Alphabet Inc.’s Google will begin paying select media outlets featured in a soon to be released news service later this year. This is a big shift in the stance of the multinational technology company. This new move also comes amid persistent calls from media companies and regulators. The new licensing deals will start in three countries, […]

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Google Gets Record Fine Of US$5 Billion

The European Commission has penalized Google by charging the American multinational technology company a record US$5 billion for violating antitrust laws in relation to their Android operating system. The European Commission said the firm had used the mobile operating system not only to dominate but to also monopolize the market space with its search tool. The firm’s parent company Alphabet […]


Google Faces Penalty Of 15% Of Its 2014 Revenue In Russia

Set to fight Russian anti-trust ruling over Android apps Google, the U.S. multinational giant technology company, which specializes in Internet-related services and products covering areas such as online advertising technologies, search, cloud computing, and software, among others is in a spot of bother in Russia. The company is accused of violating Russia’s anti-trust law by competing unfairly against its competitors. […]


Google Puts New Thinking Into Its Logo

Google, the American technology giant, is reinventing itself; not only through recent restructuring — thus the new name Alphabet, but also throughits new logo design. The new logo according to the company will soon be seen across all its products. The company has embarked on the biggest redesign of its logo since 1999. It maintains the renowned elements of the […]


The Battle Of The Smart Watches

Today, the dictates of the marketplace is innovate or perish. The fact is companies can no longer afford to sit back and wait on things to happen they have to adapt to the fast-changing global marketing environment if they want to remain in business or compete effectively. For example, one of the few companies that has shown how to navigate […]


Google Suggests 10 Tips To Increase Revenue

How companies position themselves and treat with customers in the market place will not only make a difference in their bottom line but also will separate an average company from one which is excellent. The fact is revenue is a function of marketing and in a competitive marketing environment one has to uniquely provide solutions to customers problems or provide […]