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Failure Is Conditioning

If failure keeps you in God’s will, how is that not a good thing? The question presumes success would have wrestled you out of God’s will. It’s an interesting way to flip the script and give failure a standing ovation instead of a kick, for, after all, it has saved you from a fate worse than death. Except, failure, not […]


The Gospel Of “Us Against Them”

The gospel of “Us Against them” in which our enemies become our footstools- with God’s help- is an intriguing mindset. It begs the question, “Who would you be without your enemies?” Have you noticed that “The hotter the battle the sweeter the victory” is our default and preferred battle cry? Sigh! Talk about answered prayers as we spill blood and […]


The Search For God At Harvard

The novel titled, The Search For God At Harvard by Ari L. Goldman is not only inspirational but also educational. The following is Dallas Librarian Catherine Ritchie’s take on this book: In 1985, New York Times religion reporter Goldman – currently a Professor of Journalism at Columbia University – was granted leave to take a year of classes at Harvard […]


Prayer Quote For The Day

It is not possible to engage in the direct apostolate without being a soul of prayer. We must be aware of oneness with Christ, as he was aware of oneness with his Father. Our activity is truly apostolic only insofar as we permit him to work in us and through us with his power, with his desire, with his love. […]


A Story Of Ingratitude

One day, a very wealthy man was walking on the road. Along the way, he saw a beggar on the sidewalk. The rich man looks kindly on the beggar and asked, “How did you become a beggar?” The beggar said, “Sir, I’ve been applying for a job for a year now but haven’t found any. You look like a rich […]


God And The Hurricanes

How could God let this happen? The foregoing question presumes, and rightly so that there is a standard by which God adheres. But it also proffers that our understanding of life puts us in a position to question, challenge, or explain God’s active or passive involvement. And there is merit in the inquiry of God, more so of ourselves. For […]


Night Of Doubt

In the unlikely event that Faith and Fate intersect to produce a barren well, leaving you shell shocked and confused, there should be a space — perhaps called night — where one can pursue some inquiries. A spinning globe on an axis slightly skewed, turning around a distant sun, gives day and night predictability. Yet, when the gushing well that […]


Pope Seeks Debate That Could Open A Floodgate Of New Doctrines

According to an Associated Press (AP) report, Pope Francis is seeking for an open dialogue that is “sincere, open, and fraternal” about a wide range of divisive issues in the church. Some of these issues include: Abortion Pre-marital sex Marriage Divorce Homosexuality Contraception Role of women in the church The report says Francis indicated that he wants bishops to listen […]


God, Naturalism, And The Meaning To Life

If the Christian God exists, then life has objective meaning. God possesses ultimate meaning; therefore, humans (made in His image) would be expected to derive purposeful meaning. But what if God doesn’t exist? Can meaning be created or discovered in a godless universe? Some atheist philosophers propose that while there is no meaning to life there may be meaning in […]


5 Top Celebrities With God Issue

Here are top 5 top celebrities who either disbelieve in the existence of God or claim neither faith nor disbelief in God. 1. Richard Dawkins Dawkins was born in Nairobi, Kenya, on March 26, 1941. He is an English ethologist, evolutionary biologist, and writer. He has been married three times and has one daughter. He is an avowed atheist and […]