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Foreigners Come Under Flack In Germany

The blame for a series of New Year’s Eve sexual assaults and robberies in Cologne, Germany has been placed on foreigners. This has brought out protesters in large numbers on the street as they seized upon the opportunity to unleash their views on foreigners. Women’s rights activists, far-right demonstrators, and left wing counter-protesters all took to the streets to demonstrate […]


German Ambassador Pushes For A Piece Of The Action In Jamaica

Ambassador to push for more investments Joachim Schmillen, German Ambassador to Jamaica, is bullish on Jamaica and has made it clear that he will be using his position to influence the generation of more investments to Jamaica from his home country. Mr Schmillen, who was speaking at the launch of the sixth generation BMW 7 series in Jamaica, said while […]


Germany’s Acceptance Of 800,000 Refugees “Insane” Says Trump

Donald Trump, the leading Republican presidential candidate, in a no hold barred statement said, “I love a safe zone for people.” And added, “I do not like the migration. I do not like the people coming. Frankly, look, Europe’s going to have to handle it. But they’re going to have riots in Germany.  What’s happening in Germany, I always thought […]