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Jamaica Ranks Sixth On Global Press Freedom Index

Jamaica jumped two places on the Global Press Freedom Index and now ranks sixth among 180 countries that most respect freedom of information.  Published annually by Reporters Without Borders, a non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) based in Paris, the index evaluates the level of freedom available to the media throughout the world. Senator Kamina Johnson Smith, Leader of Government Business in the Upper House, pointed to […]


Solving Problems

Since knowing who you are helps, no, is essential to solving problems when you are given or is persuaded to a less than able or flattering view of who you are, you will not only fail, you will self-destruct. This is not benign information or abstract of no consequence trivia. This is a state of mind that can be engineered […]


Brazil’s Former President Lula Walks To Freedom

Brazil’s former president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva has been released from prison following a supreme court ruling. The 74-year-old former leader, who was serving a 12-year corruption sentence, was freed after Brazil’s supreme court ruled that defendants could only be imprisoned after all appeals to higher courts had been exhausted. The ruling paved the way not only for Lula’s […]


Embracing A Vision!

Whether and even as what you say is true, the consideration you claim as a remedy will be honored more in the breach than in the reach. Why that is the legacy and the status quo should be as much about history as it is about the dynamism of being misunderstood. Let us be aware that any problem not properly […]


10 Jamaican Songs On Record In The Black Freedom Struggle

Over the years, artists have brought to the fore the plight, struggles, heartaches, pains, and dreams of people considered to be downtrodden, exploited, and given a raw deal in life. Jamaican reggae artists have established themselves as a voice of the voiceless and often use their lyrics to highlight the socio-economic and political barriers that exist as well as the […]