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New Zealand — Low Housing Stock, Foreigners Need Not Apply!

New Zealand will ban foreign buyers from purchasing existing homes in the country to cool soaring property prices. Prime minister-elect Jacinda Ardern said the ban only applied to non-residents. The country is facing a housing affordability crisis which has left home ownership out of reach for many. Low-interest rates, limited housing stock, and immigration have driven up prices in recent […]


The Dominican Republic Gives Foreigners The Boot

The Dominican Republic government has continued its rabid campaign against undocumented foreigners and in particular the Haitian people. During September, the government has expelled or refused entry to more than 9,000 people, mainly of Haitian origin.  In a report, Lieutenant General Máximo William Muñoz Delgado of the Directorate General of Migration (DGM) said that 9,332 foreigners were expelled or not […]