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Judge’s Rule Pokes “Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’s In The Eye”

Contrary to Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’s (R) law that prevents “vaccine passports” from being utilized in the state, a judge has ruled that Norwegian Cruise Line is permitted to ask customers to show proof of vaccination before boarding a ship. According to press reports, U.S. District Judge Kathleen Williams in the Southern District of Florida said that the state law […]


Hispanic Voters Say Yes To Trump In Florida

Florida has opened the path to President Trump, retaining his hold on the White House following strong voting support from the Hispanic population. Trump, up the ante in the state outperforming his 2016 take of votes among Hispanics. The heavily Cuban and Venezuelan populated Miami-Dade County came out in overwhelming support for President Trump. Trump and his allies have frequently […]


Florida Braces For Tropical Storm Isaias

Amid the coronavirus plaguing Florida’s state — 451,000 cases, according to data compiled by Johns Hopkins University, it must now contend with Tropical Storm Isaiah. The system has triggered storm watches and warnings for at least a dozen islands as its predicted path takes it toward Florida’s southern tip. The state sits squarely in the center of the system’s forecast […]


U.S. Continues To See COVID-19 Record-Breaking Death Rates

Record-breaking coronavirus cases and deaths in several U.S. states are dimming hopes of economic recovery, with cellphone data showing shoppers are staying away from stores in areas where cases are rising the most. In Arizona, Texas, Florida, Georgia, and South Carolina, which were among the first states to reopen commerce in May, retail foot traffic now lags levels elsewhere. More […]


Florida Under Dengue Watch

The Florida Department of Health has confirmed the fifth case of dengue in Miami-Dade County and remains under a mosquito-borne illness alert. Since the beginning of the year, more than 2 million individuals in the tropical region have contracted the mosquito-borne disease, and 723 have already died from it, according to the Pan American Health Organization. The most common dengue […]


Hepatitis A Hits Florida — Public Health Emergency

The spate of rising increase in Hepatitis A cases in Florida, state officials have declared a public health emergency to help deal with the current situation. According to press reports, Florida Surgeon General Scott Rivkees declared the emergency to alert the public about the seriousness of the illness and to allow greater testing and treatment. There have been 2,034 cases […]


5 Top Famous Luxury Hideaways

The dog days of summer are almost over, but it’s not too late for one to while away one’s leisure hours at some of the world’s luxurious hideaways. Here is a list of five of these spots that you may want to check out: 1. Round Hill Hotels and Villas This hotel and villa is a historic resort sited near […]