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Dead Fish In The Thousands Wash Up On Beach In Japan

Thousands of dead fish have washed up on a beach in northern Japan. Tons of mostly sardines and mackerel were discovered on more than a kilometer of sand stretching across the shores of Hakodate, Japan. The cause of the mass dying is still uncertain. Locals were advised against eating the fish. Support The Readers Bureau. Buy A T-Shirt Today (4 […]


How To Make Barbados’ Cou-Cou

Cou-cou served with flying fish, is the national dish of Barbados. The fish can be steamed, fried, or grilled. The cou-cou is made from cornmeal and okra seasoned with salt and pepper. Here’s how it is prepared: 8oz cornmeal 3oz okras 1 medium onion (chopped) 3 tbsp butter water salt to taste In a bowl, combine the cornmeal with sufficient […]


Eat Fish To Keep Going

Couples who eat more fish and seafood tend to have sex more often and may find it easier to conceive a child, reports an American study published in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism. The studies noted that both men and women who are eager to have a baby should increase the amount of fish and seafood in their diet. […]


Steam Fish — Jamaican Style!

It is said that if you haven’t eaten Jamaican steam fish, you haven’t had steam fish at all — “nobody does it better.” Steam fish and crackers are a favorite at any eating joint in Jamaica and also popular among Jamaican householders. Here is how the people at Gracefood.com make it: Ingredients: 2 cup(s) fish stock 1 cup(s) Irish potato, […]