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‘Black Panther’ Crushes Box Office Records

The Ryan Coogler-directed movie “Black Panther” has shattered the box office record by raking in $192 million for the three-day weekend and a projected $218 million-plus for the four-day holiday. The movie secured the fifth-biggest domestic opening of all time, and the best of any superhero film behind fellow Marvel title “The Avengers,” which earned $207.4 million in its first […]


Unforgivable Blackness

“Even Muhammad Ali would have agreed that Jack Johnson was the greatest heavyweight fighter in sports history,” posited Dallas’ librarian Catherine Ritchie in a review piece entitled, Some Ken Burns Moment You May Have Missed. Ritchie noted that from 1908 to 1917, Johnson dominated boxing as few others had or would. She said Jackson was flamboyant, defiant, and determined to […]