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How To Flaunt With Your Unique Style After The 40s

Just Like aged wines, your stylish look should get better with age — in the 40s it’s time to flaunt it, not be a wallflower! Your sense of style and signature look may shave off some years from your age. You must have a sense of style, and we will not tell you to throw any of your favorite threads. […]


Eyeglasses — The New Fashion Rave

Gone are the days when one would be teased for wearing glasses with names such as four eyes, nerd, brainiac, and others. Today, it would appear as if everybody who is anybody wants to wear glasses, eye problems or not. The fact is eyeglasses have a long history and credit must be given to our forebears who have laid the […]


The Faux Pas of Faux

There are many things that us gals do to ourselves for the sake of beauty, and have done so ever since the beginning of time. Taking a step back and really looking at what these things are can be a bit of a wake up call. Often we suffer from random ailments, which we tend to blame on things such […]


Rings – A Fashion Statement

Rings — You see them daily, matching evening dresses as well as quietly sitting on fingers, silently adding to the flair of one’s look. Rings are sometimes sassy, sometimes bold and loud, and sometimes classy and elegant. Today, finely crafted rings are an essential part of an outfit that one cannot afford go without, fashionista or not. Most rings are… […]


Keeping Up With The Latest Trend In Fashion – Your To Do List

Today, one cannot afford to shun the latest in fashion and style without being referred to as a dinosaur. The fact is keeping abreast with the latest trend in fashion appears to be no different from having the latest gadget. Consequently, one has to keep up to date or be left behind in the image department. “Image is everything, create […]


Fishtail Dress Is Back!

Fashion may be best described as a popular style or the latest trend particularly in clothing and accessories. Unlike fads, fashion tends to grow slowly, remain popular for a while and then decline slowly. Think, for example, of the more formal “business attire” look of corporate dress of the 1980s and 1990s which gave way to the “business casual” look […]