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Kuwait Hangs Seven People In First Executions Since 2017

Four Kuwaitis, a Pakistani, a Syrian, and an Ethiopian were hanged, despite condemnation from Amnesty International. Kuwait has put seven people to death in a mass execution, the state-run KUNA news agency confirmed, making it the first execution since 2017 despite appeals from human rights organizations for clemency. The inmates who were hanged on Wednesday were four Kuwaitis, a Pakistani, […]


South Carolina Says It’s Ready For Firing Squad Executions

According to press reports, South Carolina has announced its readiness to carry out executions by firing squad. State officials noted that the renovated Capital Punishment Facility at Broad River Correctional Institution in Columbia is ready and has ” the capacity to perform an execution by firing squad,” according to reports. The state spent $53,000 on the renovations and is now […]