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Stocks Take Roller Coaster Ride

Following the downhill roll yesterday most stocks on Wall Street regained a bit of energy on Tuesday. Stocks have stumbled into a bear market territory amid concerns that high inflation will force central banks to slam the brakes too hard on the economy. The S&P 500 fell 14.15, or 0.4%, to 3,735.48 as investors braced for the Federal Reserve’s announcement […]


Shell Sees Record High Quarterly Profits

Energy company Shell has reported its highest ever quarterly profits as oil and gas prices surge around the world. Shell made $9.13 billion in the first three months of the year, nearly triple the $2.2 billion profit it announced for the same period last year. But the firm said pulling out of Russian oil and gas due to the Ukraine […]


Bids On For Guyana’s Gas-To-Energy Project

Guyana has received bids from Trinidad and Tobago, Brazil, the United States, and China for the pre-qualification for its US$900 million gas-to-energy project. Twelve bids from local, regional and international firms were submitted. A government statement said the rationale for the combination of the power plant and the Natural Gas Liquids facilities is guided by findings by Esso Exploration and […]


The Thyroid Cure By Michelle Corey

“Statistics show that there are roughly 15 million people in the US with autoimmune thyroid disease. Approximately 12.5 million of these have been diagnosed with Hashimoto’s and 2.5 million of these with Grave’s disease,” remarked author, Michelle Corey. The thyroid gland is located at the front of the neck. It secretes thyroid hormones that control metabolism, including growth and energy […]


U.S. Signs Energy Cooperation Framework With Jamaica

Prime Minister Andrew Holness and U.S. Secretary of the Treasury Steven T. Mnuchin have signed an Energy Framework to foster cooperation on energy and infrastructure investment in Jamaica. The Framework is part of a U.S. initiative called the Americas Grow. Mr. Holness expressed gratitude to the U.S. Treasury Department for its support accordingly: “Thank you to the Treasury Department for […]


Jamaica Signs US$15-Million Energy Deal

The Government of Jamaica has signed a US$15-million loan agreement with the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) for the implementation of the Energy Management and Efficiency Program (EMEP). Minister of Finance and the Public Service, Hon. Audley Shaw explained that the sum is the second portion of a joint loan of US$30 million for the roll-out of the EMEP. “The […]


Cuba Building Solar Plants To Link To National Grid

HAVANA, Cuba (Xinhua) — Sun-scorched Cuba is looking to harness solar energy to reduce its reliance on pricey imported fossil fuels and further develop renewable energy. “On the day we can export solar energy, we’ll become millionaires,” Havana resident Norma Lopez says cheerfully, during one typical hot, sunny day in the nation’s capital. Sweating from the heat, Lopez, who is […]


Get Your Running Stride Just Right

Before you even think about improving your start and your posture, you need to make sure you get your running stride just right. This will instantly improve your speed. Your stride will affect the amount of energy you use during your running. A short stride will mean more steps, but it also means that your legs don’t need to work […]


Jamaica Makes Energy Index Improvement

The Global Energy Architecture Performance Index Report for 2017 is now out and Jamaica has shown significant improvement in its ranking on the index. The index ranks 127 countries on their ability to deliver secure, affordable, and sustainable energy. According to Prime Minister Andrew Holness, Jamaica’s ranking rose from 166 to 92 in 2017. Holness noted that Jamaica’s improved ranking […]