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Somerset Falls Gushes Again

After nearly six months of drought conditions which affected the parish of Portland, the residents are now rejoicing and more so as the Somerset Falls begins to flow again. Jason Puran, Manager at Somerset Falls, said they noticed the water was coming back to the falls since early December. He said business has picked up in the last few weeks […]


Drought? What A Wonderful Opportunity!

We are susceptible to think of opportunities not so clearly labeled as problems, instead of clearly labeled problems as exciting opportunities.    With this mindset, in the midst of plenty, there is famine, drought, and flood are our reactions to our unpreparedness to see beyond our nose. With some alarm, we again express the need for emergency measures to hydrate one […]


Answer To Jamaica’s Drought Woes – Rain Soon Fall!

Don’t forget your history. Know your destiny In the abundance of water, the fool is thirsty – Bob Marley The revolutionary development of the wheel which occurs during the copper age 4500–3300 BCE is by far one of the most significant and important inventions of humankind. The point is the wheel, though an old initiative has evolved to open the […]