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Cuban Doctors Back To The Rescue In Brazil

Brazil has rehired nearly 200 Cuban doctors to help fight the spread of COVID-19 in the country. After Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro broadside against the Cuban government, the medical assistant program was withdrawn. Bolsonaro, in his 2018 presidential campaign, compared the program with “slavery” and called Cuba a “dictatorship.” Initially, Cuba sent more than 8,000 doctors to work in under-served […]


China Offers Help To Cuba

The Government of China has donated a range of medical products to Cuba to help the Caribbean island in its fight against COVID-19. According to press reports, Cuba’s Ambassador to China, Carlos Miguel Pereira, confided that a plane with the supplies landed in the country on the same day.  This move was the first charter flight to transport essential supplies […]


Cuba Is On Track With COVID-19 Clinical Trial

According to press reports, Cuba is conducting a clinical trial on a vaccine to combat the coronavirus. The director of research at the Centre for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology, Dr. Gerardo Guillen, said the vaccine is aimed at activating the immune system to combat the coronavirus. Speaking during a recent television interview, Dr. Guillen said the drug called CIGB 2020, […]


Bolivian Ex-President Travels To Cuba For Medical Check-up

According to press reports, Bolivian ex-President Evo Morales traveled to Cuba for a medical check-up, a former official from his government said last week, after the ousted leader sought asylum in Mexico. “President Evo Morales is in Cuba for a medical appointment with the Cuban medical team that treated him in Bolivia,” Gabriela Montano, the former health minister under Morales’ […]


Cuba’s Airline Makes Inaugural Flight From Camaguey To Kingston

Cuban airline, Aerogaviota, launched its inaugural weekly flight from Camaguey in the north Caribbean island, to Kingston. The first flight arrived in Kingston last week Thursday. The French-made ATR 42- aircraft arrived with 42 passengers at the Norman Manley International Airport and was greeted by the traditional water arch, symbolizing the baptism of the inaugural flight. During the celebration, representative […]


Cuban Doctors Sent Home From Ecuador

The first of nearly 400 Cuban doctors assigned to Ecuador were pulled back recently at the request of Ecuadorian President Lenin Moreno. Cuba’s Health Minister Jose Angel Portal met with the doctors on their return and commended them for their work and contribution to the people of Ecuador. He also denied any political activities by the doctors as charged by […]


UN General Assembly Votes — End Embargo On Cuba!

The UN General Assembly voted for an end to the economic, commercial and financial embargo imposed by the United States against Cuba for the 28th consecutive year. During a vote held recently, 187 Member States underlined their support for the resolution while Brazil and Israel joined the U.S. in voting no. Two countries—Colombia and Ukraine—abstained. “The blockade has caused incalculable […]


The U.S. Puts The Hammer On Cuba

The Trump Administration is bringing down the hammer on Cuba to force the Cuban government to change its system of governing. Consequently, the administration is banning all flights to Cuba except those flying to the city of Havana. This move is the latest in a series of crackdowns on the small Caribbean island by the U.S. The ban, which is […]


The U.S. Decreases B2 Visa Validity For Cuban Nationals

Effective March 18, 2019, the United States will reduce the B2 visa validity for Cuban nationals to three months with a single entry.  U.S. immigration law requires that U.S. visa fees and validity periods be reciprocal, insofar as practicable, with the treatment accorded to U.S. citizens. Cuba allows U.S. citizen tourists a single entry for a stay of two months, […]


Raul Castro Slams U.S. Renewed Hostility Towards Cuba

Cuba’s Communist Party leader Raul Castro has asserted that although the United States has resorted to the old tactics of stifling Cuba’s economy, the Cuban revolution remains secure. “Once again, the North American government is taking on the path of confrontation with Cuba,” Castro said during an address marking the 60th anniversary of Cuba’s revolution in the southeastern city of […]