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Belize’s Prime Minister — Decision To Exclude Some Countries From Summit “Inexcusable”

Some Latin American leaders criticized the decision to exclude Cuba, Nicaragua, and Venezuela from the Summit of the Americas in Los Angeles. They also mourn the absences of the leaders of Mexico, Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala, and Bolivia and the exclusion of three autocratic nations. Belize’s prime minister, John Briceño, said, “The future of the Western Hemisphere is a question […]


Cuba Set To Get New Look From Washington

According to a Washington Post report, the Biden administration is set to lift former President Trump’s restrictions on Cuba, including some aspects of travel to the island, caps on remittances, and the issuance of at least 20,000 immigrant visas annually. The report noted that a State Department in a statement described the measure as designed “to further support the Cuban […]


Cuba Criticizes The U.S. For Its Role In Ukraine’s Crisis

Cuba has called for a diplomatic resolution to the current crisis in Ukraine. It blamed the U.S. for imposing “the progressive expansion of NATO towards the borders of the Russian Federation.” Cuba’s foreign ministry said the U.S. had made a bad situation worse given its action against Russia. It said the U.S. has been ratcheting up threats against the Russian […]


Cuban Scientists Say No Evidence Of Attacks On Diplomats

HAVANA, Cuba (AP) — Cuba on Monday issued its most detailed report to date from prominent local scientists criticizing allegations that US and Canadian diplomats were subject to mysterious attacks while posted on the island and developed health issues. The report by the 20-member panel from Cuba’s Academy of Sciences questioned whether the variety of reported symptoms could even be […]


Some CARICOM Countries Threaten To Boycott OAS Meeting If Haiti Is Not On Agenda

Thirteen CARICOM countries say count us out of the Organization of American States (OAS) scheduled meeting if Haiti is not placed on the agenda.     The countries noted that a special meeting of the Permanent Council of the OAS was called to address the situation in Cuba instead of Haiti. However, a letter signed by Antigua and Barbuda’s Permanent Representative, Sir […]


Cuba’s Leader Raul Castro Makes Way For New Leadership

The Cuban Communist Party leader Raul Castro has announced his resignation from the helm of the party. This culminates the end of the Castro’s era.    The 89-year-old Castro told his party congress that he is handing over the leadership to a younger generation full of passion and anti-imperialist spirit. His successor will be voted in at the end of […]


Arrest Of Opposition Leader José Daniel Ferrer In Cuba Breeds Outcries

According to press reports, Leading Cuban dissident Jose Daniel Ferrer was arrested in Santiago de Cuba.  “They arbitrarily detained Jose Daniel Ferrer, leader of Patriotic Union of Cuba (UNPACU), and until now he is missing,” Zaqueo Baez, deputy national coordinator of the group, told AFP by telephone, referring to the banned opposition organization the Patriotic Union of Cuba. Ferrer’s sister, […]


Cuba Opens Economy To Private Sector Expansion

Cuba announced a substantial increase in private business activities in various sectors, implying a significant reform in this socialist country where the state and its enterprises dominate the economy.  The move comes at a critical time for the island’s economy, which contracted 11% last year due to the coronavirus pandemic, tightening U.S. sanctions, and the delay in implementing reforms approved […]


Cuba Let Go Of Grip On Private Business

Cuba has announced it will allow private businesses to operate in most sectors, in what is a major reform to its state-controlled economy. Labor Minister Marta Elena Feito said the list of authorized activities had expanded from 127 to more than 2,000. Only a minority of sectors would be reserved for the state, she said.The communist country’s economy has been […]


Western Union Set To Lock Down Operations In Cuba

Western Union, the American worldwide financial services and communications company is set to close its offices in Cuba following new sanctions from Washington which prevent it from working with Fincimex, a financial company operated by the government. The firm will close its “407 agencies located throughout the country because of these brutal provisions,” Fincimex said in a statement posted on […]