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Reverend Clinton Chisholm Puts Sexual Purity In Perspective

Jamaican renowned scholar and theologian, the Reverend Clinton Chisholm, in an article in the press noted that “it would be difficult to advance a case from the New Testament justifying any sexual practice other than marital, consensual, heterosexual intercourse.” He noted that the Biblical position on sexual purity is not only unbridled and clear but also assumes the highest standard. […]


How Christ’s Incarnation Differs From The Hindu Idea Of Avatar

In a reasoned approach, Kenneth R. Samples senior research scholar in a blog article on the popular website reasons.org, seeks to make the comparison between the God-man Jesus Christ and the Hindu Prince Krishna. He writes thus: The doctrine of the Incarnation (God became man in Jesus of Nazareth) lies at the heart of Christianity; it’s a truth-claim celebrated all […]