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FDA Warns Against The Use Of Chinese-made Syringes

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on Thursday advised health care providers against using certain syringes and needles manufactured by the China-based medical device company Guangdong Haiou Medical Apparatus Co., citing patient safety concerns. According to Reuters, the FDA received information about functional issues including incidents of needles breaking off and getting stuck in patients’ arms as well as accidental […]


Jamaica — Chinese Company Donates Masks

Photo credit: JIS D. Reid  The Chinese commercial vehicle manufacturer, Zhengzhou Yutong Bus Company Limited, has donated 9,900 masks to the Ministry of Transport and Mining. They were handed over recently by the local partner of the Chinese manufacturer, Stewart’s Automotive Group, in a recent ceremony. The masks are to be distributed to staff of the Ministry’s affiliate agencies, Jamaica […]


Chinese Students Get Caught In Trump’s Crosshairs

The Trump administration is seriously contemplating canceling the visas of some Chinese graduate students and researchers. This new move comes against the background of the vexed issue of the COVID-19 pandemic, which Washington has blamed primarily on China. In past remarks, President Trump has accused China of hiding the outbreak first detected in Wuhan City. “This is really the worst […]


Jamaica Gets Help To Fight COVID-19

According to the Minister of Health and Wellness, Dr. Christopher Tufton, the number of ventilators on the island will triple to triple, given the number of donations from private entities over the past few weeks. “We have been getting some additional ventilators over the last few weeks, and the aim, ultimately, by next month (May) is to have between 90 […]


Chinese Scientists Find New Approach To Fighting COVID-19

According to press reports, a team of Chinese scientists may have found the elixir that could prevent the coronavirus from entering the cells. The scientists have isolated several antibodies which they believe could be extremely effective at blocking the ability of the new coronavirus to enter cells, which eventually could help treat or prevent COVID-19. The coronavirus disease which originated […]


China Offers Big Cash Award For Information On Foreign Spies

The Chinese government is offering people a large amount of cash to help expose and root up spies from overseas that are currently undertaking sinister activities within the country. The move is said to be one of the latest sweeping security crack downs that is presently being undertaken by President Xi Jinping’ s regime. According to media reports, Chinese citizens […]


How To Make Jamaican Chinese Steamed Dumpling

Early Chinese migrants came to Jamaica as far back as in the 19th century. Since then, they have integrated themselves into the society and have contributed significantly to the country’s growth and development. Today, the Chinese cuisine has become a popular mainstay of the dining experience throughout Jamaica. One of the items that one can find readily on the menu […]


China Changes Its One-Child Policy

The communist-led Xi Jinping Chinese Government has officially confirmed that they have now moved away from the policy of allowing couples to have one child to now two children, beginning January 1, 2016. The Chinese lawmakers rubber-stamped the new legislation Sunday during a session of the National People’s Congress Standing Committee, which governs the country’s laws, the state-run Xinhua news […]


How To Make Chinese Black Bean Cake

Ingredients ½ pt black-eye peas 4 tbsp cooking oil ¼ lb sugar First Dough: ½ lb flour 4 tbsp cooking oil 4 tbsp sugar Second Dough: ½ lb flour 2 oz lard Preparation Boil black-eye peas until soft and sift through and fine sieve. Strain through a muslin to get all the black-eye flour. Fry the black-eye flour in four […]


Why Are Chinese Mothers Considered Superior?

Chinese Mothers and their values compared to their western counterparts. Often times many mothers from the west shudder at the thought of how strict Chinese mothers can be. The simple fact of the matter is if western mothers spent more time putting the kind of discipline that Chinese mothers put into their children, the children of the west may have […]