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Canada — The Best Country In The World For 2021

According to a USNews.com ranking report, Canada takes the top spot of being the best country in the world. The report is based on a survey of over 17,000 people from across the world, where participants were presented with 76 attributes and were asked how strongly they associated each one with a nation. 78 countries were included in this year’s rankings. Canada […]


New Canadian Airline Swoop Expands Service To Jamaica

Photo credit: Harpreet Sandhu Canadian airline, Swoop, has expanded service to Jamaica with the addition of bi-weekly non-stop flights between Toronto and Kingston, recently. These are in addition to four weekly flights now provided from Toronto and Hamilton to Montego Bay on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, and Sundays. The inaugural flight into Kingston arrived at the Norman Manley International Airport from […]


Huawei’s Ms. Meng Is Back Home After A Three Year Home Detention In Canada

Huawei’s top executive Meng Wanzhou is now free after being detained in Canada for nearly three years. This comes in the light of what seems to be a prisoners’ swap between Canada and China. Following Ms. Meng’s release, two Canadians Michael Spavor and Michael Kovrig charged for espionage and detained in China were also set free. It is believed that […]


Canada Thrashes Costa Rica 2 Nil To Head To Gold Cup Semifinals

Canada defeated Costa Rica 2-0 in the CONCACAF Gold Cup quarterfinals Sunday night at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas. The Canadians were in a rampant mood with goals coming from the boots of Junior Hoilett and Stephen Eustaquio. This means Canada is through to the semi-finals and will do battle against Mexico in the semifinal round on Thursday. It is […]


Jamaica Welcomes Flights From Canada And Germany

Jamaica welcomed flights, Air Canada Dreamliner and Condor airline from Germany, which touched down at the Sangster International Airport in Montego Bay, St. James, on Sunday, July 4. Air Canada Dreamliner landed with 190 passengers and a 10-member flight crew, whereas Condor had 210 passengers and 12 crew members. These airlines resumed flights to Jamaica, which had stopped following the […]


Canada Set To Ban Flights From The Caribbean And Mexico

Jamaica, along with other Caribbean countries and Mexico, has been pushed into further economic plight following Canada’s decision to suspend flights to these countries beginning January 31 to April 30. This move will negatively impact the countries’ tourism, extinguishing any hope of semblance of growth in the tourism sector for the first quarter of the year. Canada’s Prime Minister Justin […]


Canada Set To Spend $100 Billion In Covid-19 Recovery Program

Canada’s federal government plans to spend a hefty sum of $100 billion in the coming months to aid the recovery of its economy. Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland in announcement discloses that the economic relief package is the largest by the country since the Second World War. The spending will put the deficit to a historic high of $381.6 billion by […]


Canada Hits Back At Trump’s Aluminum Tariffs

Following a 10 % tariff on some Canadian aluminum products by President Trump, Canada has hit back with an announced $2.7bn tax on U.S. aluminum products. Canada and the U.S. reached a deal last year to lift tariffs on steel and aluminum imports. However, President Trump reintroduced the tariff in the latter of this week, claiming U.S. industry protection. Speaking […]


The Neoliberal Assault On Warren’s Plan To Pay For Medicare For All

Well, that was quick—and predictable. By John Atcheson Both Sanders and Warren have come up with viable plans for funding Medicare for all. The neoliberal establishment and the conservatives have been going after Sanders’ approach by raising the specter-of-middle class tax increases. Sanders seems to trust that people will understand that if the tax increase is less than what they’re […]


Canada Issues Travel Advisory For Haiti

The Government of Canada has warned nationals to avoid traveling to Haiti as violent protests and widespread civil unrest have been taking place across the nation for several weeks. The advisory statement noted that the situation in the French-speaking Caribbean country could deteriorate quickly, and massive demonstrations are scheduled to take place from November 4 to 6. “In addition to […]