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Reggae And Calypso At Christmas

The celebration of Christmas in the Caribbean is not only inimitable but also one of those experiences that one would be hard-pressed to find anywhere else in the world. The sun-drenched white sand beaches, crystal clear waters, comfortable seasonal temperatures that allow for boating, fishing, and assorted leisure activities are magical and priceless. During the Yuletide season, everything is turned […]


“Who The Hell Is Kim?” Number One Among Caribbean Cricket Fans

Hey listen young boy You betting come again Look you better recognize you should be shame Last night you were winning But you lost the game Whispering in my ear and calling me wrong name – Terence Linette Coward Thompson, aka TC The foregoing lyrics from the song titled, Wrong Name, better known as Who the Hell is Kim is still […]


Caribbean Cricket Fan’s Calypso Playlist

Calypso music has its roots in Trinidad and Tobago and is said to have developed in the island from as early as the 17th Century. Historically, the music was created by African slaves imported to that Caribbean island to work on sugar plantations. The slaves, brought to toil on sugar plantations, were stripped of all connections to their homeland and […]