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Former Jamaica’s Boxing Champion Bunny Grant Dead At 78

Be a big fighter ‘Stead of a dance crasher Let me tell you, whao Be a gentleman, whao You could be a champion, whao Like Mr. Bunny Grant, whao Alton Ellis – Dance Crasher George Leslie “Bunny” Grant, the 78-year-old former Jamaican professional boxer who fought in several different weight divisions died after battling illness for more than six months. […]


President Trump Seems Set To Pardon Muhammad Ali

Following the pardon of the first black heavyweight champion Jack Jackson on a trumped-up racially-charged conviction more than one hundred years ago, President Trump is also seriously considering the pardon of the late boxer Muhammad Ali.  Ali was convicted in 1967 for refusing to report for induction into the United States military during the Vietnam War. His local draft board […]