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Reggae Makes Intangible Cultural Heritage Of Humanity List

The uniquely created music — Jamaican Reggae has been inscribed on the UNESCO Representative List of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. The decision was made at the 13th session of the UNESCO Intergovernmental Committee for the Safeguarding of the Intangible Cultural Heritage in the Republic of Mauritius following a strong lobby and advocacy by the Government of Jamaica, led by […]


Bob Marley Comes Alive In New Netflix Docu-Series

Jamaica’s Reggae legend Bob Marley still maintains stardom 45 years after his death. The king of reggae will be featured in a Netflix docu-series highlighting eight music mysteries beginning October 12th, with one episode coming to the streaming service each month through May 2019. The first episode will be “Who Shot the Sheriff?”, a look at the daring attempt at […]


Bob Marley Is My Dad — Lawyers Say Prove It…

But not with Bob’s DNA So Jah seh, “Not one of my seeds Shall sit in the sidewalk And beg bread.” (No, they can’t and you know that they won’t!) — Bob Marley Fabian Marley has laid claim to Bob Marley as his father over the years, but the Marley family is not only questioning this claim but has also […]


Japan’s P.M. Visits Marley’s Museum

You a-go tired fe see me face; Can’t get me out of the race. Oh, man, you said I’m in your place — Bob Marley The Bob Marley museum is certainly giving life to Jamaica reggae icon, Bob Marley’s lyrics. The museum has not only been attracting a large number of tourists from around the world, but also gaining international […]


Bob Marley Marijuana Brand To Hit The Market In 2015

The announcement of “Marley Natural,” a brand of marijuana set to launch in 2015, has gone viral and is viewed as ‘Marleylicious’ news by the users of the herb. Moreover, it is seen as befitting by some for the late Jamaican reggae icon Bob Marley’s name to be indelibly stamped on packages of the herb for export from Jamaica to […]